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Parents’ Testimonials

Academy Of Preschool LearningFor more than three decades, Academy of Preschool Learning in South Milwaukee, WI has nurtured the tender minds of children in our preschool. Our experience and expertise have earned us the reputation of being the best in our occupational field. Here are some of the parents’ testimonials who have send their kids to us and have been highly satisfied with their total growth, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or educationally.

June 2018

Both of my children went to APL in South Milwaukee.  The teachers are professional and you can tell that they LOVE what they do.  The children are being prepared well for 4K and 5K with the education at APL.  The Field Trips are lots of fun also.  I would definitely recommend APL in South Milwaukee

Rossi Family

APL Franklin has exceeded our expectations.  We knew they were rated #1, and now we know why. Our son is thriving with the teaching protocol.  We made the best choice choosing APL!

Trinkle Family

The teachers do an amazing job with these kids and teach them so much while making it fun and giving them that foundation!  My son constantly asked when he gets to go back to school.  He loves APL and so do we!

Anthoine Family

My son loves coming to APL school  He misses it on his days off.

Bobrowski Family

People tell me how crazy I am for spending so much money for preschool, but like any other parent I only want the best for my son.  APL is the best in my opinion.  MY son has learned to much in the time he has been there and the teachers are amazing.

Victory Family

We learned of APL over ten years ago, when my nephew enrolled in the preschool.  We saw firsthand what a positive educational experience this was for him.  When it came time for our daughter to enroll in a preschool program there was do doubt she was going to APL!  The APL program has prepared our daughter not only for her education bus also for future success.  APL provides great care and attention to the children.  It’s also a safe and fun environment that allows our daughter to excel both academically and personally.  She has made wonderful friends and loves her teachers!.  She excited every morning to go to school!  Thank you from the bottom of our hears, we will never forget her time at The Academy Of Preschool Learning.

Keller Family

APL school has been a great experience for our daughter.  We can thank her teachers for making her first years of school fun and engaging.  We can’t wait to send our next daughter!

Madden Family

APL has been amazing for both our our sons.  They have learned so much about a variety of topics in addition to life skills.  Our oldest has thrived in Kindergarten this year and I firmly believe it’s because of the well-rounded APL program.

Winters Family

June 2017

What a wonderful place to send your children. My daughter and son have attended Apple School, and even Me.! The amount of love, compassion, patience and knowledge that my children received is unmeasurable. Such a wonderful place to live, learn and grow!


I can’t thank APL school enough for all that they have taught my son, Brayden. He is only 3, but he can spell his name, knows our phone numbers, where we live, and can count by “10’s to 100” as he sings the song. He counts to twenty every day for me. He loves his teachers and his friends at school. I am also happy he is learning the days of the week and months of the year. He looks forward to school and is excited to learn. Thank you Mrs. Sohns, Mrs. Bryl and Mrs. Squires, you mean the world to my son.

Mrs. Wolf (Greendale)

We love APL. It has been a great experience for our daughter. We can’t wait to send our other daughters there. My daughter has learned so much more then I could have hoped for. We would recommend APL to any and all families! Our favorite aspect about APL is that it really is a school, not a daycare. That is something that’s hard to find, especially at such an affordable price.

Pace Family (South Milwaukee)

We couldn’t ask for a better first time introduction to school. Our daughter is excited daily to go to school and learn. She has nothing but good things to say about her teachers. We are happy to be a part of the APL school family!

Katrina and Steve Madden (South Milwaukee)

APL school provides a learning environment that is filled with fun for the students, while teaching many pre-academic skills necessary for Kindergarten readiness. For us, APL school offers the perfect combination of play, socialization, phonics, and math. APL school often is the highlight of his week.

Laura and Casey Murray (Franklin)

Our daughter was watched by her grandmas since she was born. I love how quickly she was able to blossom socially, come out of her shell and make friends at APL. It is also amazing to see her learn so fast. She is cutting better, writing, counting, and listening. I’d highly recommend APL as a preschool to introduce your child to a fun school setting.

Angela Smith (Franklin)

APL school has not only prepared our daughter for 4K, but it has also helped her listening skills and social behavior as well. She gets very excited to go learn with her friend’s every day.

Mrs. Mooren (Franklin)

APL teachers are so wonderful and dedicated in making sure the kids are having fun while learning. My sons love going to APL school because of the friendly environment, they enjoy learning and playing with the other children.

Mrs. Sarmlento (franklin)

Apple School is an amazing place for learning. My son has a delay and is attending a 4k program in the public school as well as 3 days per week at Apple School. He has shown such improvement at Apply School. If you ask him which school and teachers he likes best, hands down every time he states Apple School. I truly wish they had a 5k program.

Mary Corlette (Franklin)

We absolutely love APL School! When our daughter started school here we were beginning from scratch. Now our daughter can recognize letters and numbers, spell and write her name, state days of the week and months of the year, and is even helping with household tasks. All things learned at APL school! We would recommend APL School to everyone and plan on sending out youngest daughter once she is old enough!

Kyle and Beth Pearson (Franklin)

Our 4 year old daughter, Aesha, started attending APL in September of 2016. It was her first time attending preschool and being away from family. My daughter is happy and she loves to go to school. My daughter looks forward to school every day. They are outstanding teachers, Mrs. Bryl and Mrs. Onsager with lots of experience and are really nice with the kids. She often relays information she has learned throughout the day. She gets excited about upcoming activities and it makes her so happy and creative that encourages her to grow. I also enjoy getting the monthly newsletter, along with additional updated and class group pictures. We worked through it together and they keep me informed of her progress. I am very satisfied with my child’s progress and the quality of education she receives. A big thank you to everyone at APL!!

Aesha’s Parents (Franklin)

School Year 2015-16

Our son started preschool shy and clingy. We have seen his confidence grow tremendously, and he loves going to school! I really appreciate that the teachers split the children into two smaller groups during work time. It allows the kids to receive more individualized instruction, and for the teachers to teach each child more specifically. Our son started the school year knowing only some of his letters, and now he is reading!

The Foecklers
Franklin APL

We love APL school, very structured and great place to learn. My kid loves the teachers too.

Medha’s Mom
Franklin APL

We are extremely fortunate to live not too far from APL’s Franklin location. My twins, Max and Natasha, are attending for their second year and couldn’t be more excited to come to school. Both are former preemies with some speech delays and this school has been instrumental in helping them develop their language skills.

Kogan Family
Franklin APL

Our daughter has adored her time at APL school. She looks forward to each day and is excited about the themes and lessons. It has been a joy to watch her develop new skills and knowledge and observe the pride and confidence she shows with it. The teachers really take the time to get to know each student and their abilities and personality, tailoring lessons accordingly. APL school is a true academic learning environment packaged in with plenty of fun.

Molly and Ken Michel
Franklin APL

Our son absolutely loves APL School. We had to take him out due to needing a full time preschool. However, our son kept on begging to go back to APL, so one month later we brought him back. Even our 3 year old realized there’s no better place than APL! He has learned so much both academically and socially. The teachers care about every student and create an enjoyable classroom environment. We can never thank them enough for providing my son with a great first experience in a classroom setting.

Dallat and Sufyan Qoraan
Greendale APL

APL school came highly recommended to me by a fellow educator. Two of my children have gone through the program and I have seen tremendous growth in b both children academically, socially and emotionally. The teachers at APL are kind while maintaining high expectations of students. Students are taught foundation academic skills such as letters, letter sounds and numbers. More importantly they are taught life skills such as buttoning, snapping, cleaning up after oneself, and how to be kind to human beings.

Anna Adl
Parents of Sofia Adl (Franklin APL 2014-15), Adam Adl (Greendale 2015-16)

As a mother of three boys, ages twelve, eleven and four years old, we have had many educational experiences. I wanted to get Aaron (my youngest) academically and socially prepared for elementary school. After much research, I thought APL was the best place to do this. I am very happy with the Academy of Preschool Learning and can’t say enough about what they have done for Aaron. The children are being exposed to their first peer socialization, academic skills, and structured experiences in a safe, patient and kind manner. The teachers in South Milwaukee, Mrs. Balsis and Mrs. Backes are wonderful to work with. They have knowledgeably guided the children to make good choices, while teaching them academic skill, and supporting the children with their personal challenges in their new experiences. They are consistent and fair without wavering. They are welcoming. They promote good character/values of the kids. They support positive parenting styles, and are supportive and collaborative with parents they work with. With my first two children, I was unaware of the Academy of Preschool Learning. I enrolled them in other private preschools. By far, I found that APL was the best. Mrs. Balsis and Mrs. Backes are truly remarkable teachers and people. They get so much out of the children. They are amazing at what they do and are experts with children. I am grateful we were given the opportunity to attend APL. Thank you, Academy of Preschool Learning for inviting us to be part of such a great community/school for the last two years. We are grateful to be set up for future success!

Heather Urban, RN, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
South Milwaukee APL

My 3 year old daughter goes to APL School in Franklin. She loves it and we are really happy with everything. Her teachers are Mrs. Kitzerow and Mrs. Kastner and both are just fabulous! Great school!

Zehra Alp
Franklin APL

Our daughter loves attending APL school. The lessons are well thought out and organized, and we feel that she will be very prepared for kindergarten.

Franklin APL

Finding a good preschool for my 3 year old was a TOP priority for me as a mom. This would be his first introduction to a formal learning setting, and it was important to me that it be a positive experience. Any concerns I may have had were quickly resolved. My son Braxton loves “his school” and “his teachers”. He began learning immediately. APL school has the perfect combination of learning, socialization, and play time, for his class of 2 ½, 3 and 4 year olds. He eagerly anticipates every school day and excitedly shares stories of his day when he is picked up. Learning is integrated into a FUN curriculum my son loves. I highly recommend APL School to ALL you moms out there.

Jenny Ahmad
Greendale APL

I had not considered sending my son to preschool, but my parents gifted us with tuition for his 4th birthday to APL. Watching my son evolve socially, psychologically and mentally and learn new fundamental skills, beyond reading, math and science has been amazing and wonderful gift that has likely had implications on his lifelong education. Without a doubt, I will be sending my daughter to APL as soon as she is old enough.

Mrs. Papadhopulli
South Milwaukee APL

My name is Defrim Isaj, I was referred to Apple School from a close friend of mine. I’m happy to say that APL was a great choice for my kids. This is a good program for kids and gets them ready for kindergarten. The teachers are very pleasant and caring. They really do a good job and set up a great program which includes class events, field trips and a nice graduation. I strongly recommend APL.

Defrim Isaj
Greendale APL

My daughter loves APL. I am very happy with the school and its environment.

Greendale APL

A great learning facility. Teachers are friendly and engage in a lot of hands-on activities. I would recommend to all parents as a first learning experience school.

Greendale APL

We have had the absolute pleasure of having our daughter enrolled in APL for three consecutive years. The teachers are inspirational and caring, while providing an exemplary education. We are thrilled with the Montessori methods used at APL and know our daughter has established a strong foundation for her academic years to follow.

Jake and Jenny Wiltzius
Franklin APL

School Year 2012-13

I am very excited that you still teach nursery rhymes! They really help a child with rhyming, and learning new vocabulary words. I like that you use a multi-sensory approach when teaching! It keeps the children’s attention to the activities.

Sherry Dahl 11/20/13
(Speech Pathologist - Franklin Public Schools)

I cannot say enough about APL School. If you want a caring environment that allows your child to grow and develop at their pace APL School is the place to go. There is something for all levels of development for your child. There is academic growth, personal and social development. Your child will not be asked to work beyond their ability but instead encouraged to strive for success.

Two of my children attended APL and now my grandchild attends. It’s the best atmosphere for a young child to learn about school, friends and teachers.

Margaret A. Frick
(Grandmother) 01/27/13

APL School works on all the basics a child needs to begin 4K or kindergarten. The staff is friendly and professional also very timely in answering questions or concerns. I chose APL because I was looking for actual preschool, not daycare! APL follows a curriculum and my daughter enjoys going!

Eryn Coyne

Great School! We now have our second son in APL, Hales Corners location. The school continues to “wow” us with all their amazing projects, learning techniques and encouraging teachers! Our son (3 1/2) loves school and has improved on his listening skills. Love how the school conducts conferences: gathering info on what the child knows in the beginning, middle and end and running assessments throughout the year to compare a well-rounded and very organized educational school. Always highly recommend if your son/daughter need a fun learning environment.

Corinne VandenHeuvel

This is our son’s 2nd year at APL School and we continue to be amazed by all that he has learned. We like that he is challenged in different ways! Henry loves APL School and we know that our son, Will, will love it just as much next school year!

Kerri Tarnowski

Our daughter has learned so much from her wonderful teachers here at APL school that, after we moved to Menomonee Falls in October we continue to drive her to APL school at the Greendale location every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings because we, and our daughter, love it so much.

Laura and Brian Palicka,
Parents of Maddie 02/08/13

I loved APL hours and the items that they teach. Love all the staff members. They are amazing.

Kalaizani Suresh

This is my 2nd experience as my daughter already read in this school two years before and after looking at her experience (which was excellent) I prefer to send my son also here. The staff is really good and cooperative and they trained both my kids so well as that sometimes I thought that they need not take my help in their homework. Their teaching method is excellent and they make a really good base for kids in their educational life. I would suggest parents to send their kids to this school.

Muhammad Farooq

We are so happy with our experience at APL! The teachers fit so many things into 2 hours. They create such a positive school experience for the kids. My son loves to go to school and it’s so exciting to see how much he is learning. We will be sad to leave APL this year but it means so much knowing that my son will be totally prepared for K5 because of his time at APL. We are so grateful to Mrs. Schold and Mrs. Bryl for giving both our sons such great first experiences with school. I would recommend APL to anyone!!

Katrina and Jason Buretta

I like how everything that was done in class is explained every day to the parents. It helps us understand everything that is taking place in class, because our child doesn’t explain all they did in detail. We chose APL because we heard good reviews from friends; it’s affordable, and close to home. The staff is very warm and friendly. It would be nice to have an area for winter jackets and shoes. Occasionally, I forget to bring in the jacket and there is an inconvenience.

Chris Corchado

My daughter has been studying at Apple school for 2 years now and she still can’t get enough of it. She loves the teachers, Mrs. Sohns and Mrs Bryl especially, and the great welcoming and fun atmosphere that they create. I think the teachers are great and I would definitely recommend APL to all the parents. Kids learn a lot while having lots of fun.


My husband and I lost 4 babies in a row before we were finally blessed with parenthood. I embraced it wholeheartedly. I quit my full time job and have done everything in my power to devote myself to my children. Selfishly and selflessly I coordinated work schedules and financially managed with considerably less income so either my husband or I or both of us could be home with our children. I rejected the thought of using babysitters or daycare because I wanted to raise my kids. So when it was time to choose a preschool I put considerable thought into making the right decision for us.

I reviewed several programs in the area and after much consideration and a glowing referral from my sister (all 3 of her children attended APL) we registered in February. But as the summer came to an end I began to feel a pain in the pit of my stomach.

At the parent teacher meeting Mrs. Sohns explained that some children would cry on the first day. I was thinking “children?” What about the parents? Because I felt like sobbing!

On the first day of school I wrote, “I am mostly just sad because the time that was just ours is over. Now someone else will be his teacher and someone else will be his friend. He will have so many new and exciting times and I will watch, be proud, and hide my heartache for my baby has loved every minute of APL School. As he enters his second semester he has grown and flourised! I am astonished by the amount of curriculum that he has learned and mastered in just a couple hours a day 2 days a week.

Mrs. Sohns and Mrs Bryl have been excellent teachers. I am highly impressed by their enthusiasm and patience. They have continued the joy of learning that I have tried so hard to instill in my child. It is difficult to express in words how much this means to me as a parent. “School is FUN!” said Quinn Krueger, age 5.

I would eminently recommend APL preschool and the teachers at the Greendale location. We have had such a wonderful experience that I am hoping and praying that none retire before my second son can attend APL preschool!

Kerri M. Krueger

Both of my daughters attended APL and I am so grateful to the staff for preparing both of them for school. I am sad that I don’t have any more kids to send here but a lot of people hear it from me first hand and I recommend APL to everyone!

Sarah Abdallah

Apple School is such a great place to learn. My daughter has loved every minute of it. It’s amazing how much her little brain soaks up. And what a wonderful staff! The teachers are amazing. Thank you for making this such a great experience for her. I have also attended apple school myself and it’s fun to hear about the things I used to learn too!

Katie Sawyer

APL School has been a wonderful step in my son’s early education development. He was very nervous and shy during the first few weeks of school. He is now in his 2nd year of the program and absolutely loves it. He has made many friends and learns something new every day. Mrs. Sohns and Mrs. Charnon are amazing. My son adores them and I can see how they have enriched my sons life. My second child will be enrolling in APL School next year. I couldn’t think of a better program for my children! Thank you APL School!

Chrissy Zoske

I feel confident sending my son to APL for his third year knowing that the curriculum will be new and exciting for him. The teachers do such a great job. I know he will excel in Kindergarten.

Michelle Borreson

APL school is very good at keeping the parents involved and informed of what they are learning. They do a good job of making the lessons fun. My son talks all the time about APL school and the fun things he does each day.

Kelly Kling

We could not have made a better decision to send both of our children to APL. I am very pleased with all that they have learned and the amount of time, love, and compassion that each of the teachers puts into our children. I will miss APL very much.

Kristin Cherubini

The teachers are really nice and cooperative. The kids are learning and growing in a very good environment. The APL School is really a very good pre-school.

Mrs. Shaker

We have a 4 year old at APL. This is his second year at APL and we are very pleased with the school. The teachers brought new concepts and units to his second year including beginning reading. After mastering the sounds of the alphabet at APL, the teachers begin the children on “easy reader” books with flashcards. My son was eager and excited to begin reading and is now working on spelling short words as well. Mrs. Backes and Mrs Balsis really provide a nurturing atmosphere that my son feels comfortable and confident in. We just completed registration for our youngest son, who can’t wait to go to “Apple School” next year! I would highly recommend APL as a place for your preschool child to learn and grow!

Jennifer Wanta

As parents of a 3 year old, our goal was for our son to earn some basic rules, how to positively interact with other kids his age, and some basic academic skills. Henry has surprised us with how much he’s learned. He comes home singing new songs (i.e. I can count by 10’s up to 100…) and sharing new things he’s learned while at APL school(i.e. patterns, shapes, letters, etc.). He loves school!

Kerri and Bret Tarnowski

We are extremely pleased with “Apple School”! Every month we are excited to receive the next calendar to see all of the fun activities that have been planned and who is the show and tell child of the day! The things my son is learning have exceeded our expectations. At 3 years old, he can spell and recognize all of his colors, recognizes all of his letters, and is learning to share and take turns. But the thing we love most about “Apple School” is that our son is in an environment where he is content, confident and truly cared for. The teachers are wonderful at making the students feel that they are secure and part of a family the apple school family!

Jennifer and Wes Wanta

Our daughter has attended APL for 2 years and we couldn’t be happier with the results. From learning socialization skills to basic pre-kindergarten preparedness, we feel our daughter is in a great position to succeed in kindergarten. The teachers do an excellent job with the children in a way that makes learning fun. We would definitely recommend APL to anyone looking for a pre-kindergarten program.

Jim and Rachel Guthrie
01/ 17/2012

I have been teaching four-year-old kindergarten (4K) in Oak Creek for five years. Some of my former students had attended APL school as three-year-olds, before they began 4K. I always could tell a difference in my students who had been in APL School from those who had not been in a school environment before. My students who came from APL School were more prepared for school, could more easily follow directions, were more socially apt and, on average, were higher academically. For these reasons, my husband and I chose to enroll our three-year-old son in APL School. He absolutely loves it. He is growing socially and has made some very good friends. He is learning so much and comes home every day singing songs about the days of the week or the months of the year, he is counting by tens, learning facts about animals, seasons, etc., and is being enriched with literature and vocabulary. APL School is providing our son with a wonderful foundation for his education and is helping instill in him a great love for learning that we hope will always stay with him.

Amber and Justin Di Vilio 1/28/12

As a child, I attended APL School and Mrs. Balsis was my teacher. I am now a 25 year old mother of two, so seeing Mrs. Balsis as my children’s teacher was very enlightening. My 4 year old just loves APL school. She learns all different types of subjects from reading to math to speaking French. The teachers are very energetic and encouraging. They strive to bring out the best in my daughter’s independence. I can tell that they want my daughter to succeed. My daughter has been very successful at the school and I am really looking forward to enrolling my second daughter this coming school year. Thank you teachers for all your hard work and dedication that you put in each and every one of your students.

Kristen Cruz

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