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Parents’ Testimonials

Academy Of Preschool LearningFor more than three decades, Academy of Preschool Learning in South Milwaukee, WI has nurtured the tender minds of children in our preschool. Our experience and expertise have earned us the reputation of being the best in our occupational field. Here are some of the parents’ testimonials who have send their kids to us and have been highly satisfied with their total growth, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or educationally.


We love the school, teachers and program. The lessons are interactive and the field trips were a blast. I truly feel my son is ready for kindergarten. We will be sending our baby here when she’s ready..

Firth Family

Honestly, never been happier. I have noticed differences in his behavior and skills, and even in his personality too. The teachers are amazing with the kids and they know how to get the kids attention. My son has a love for and enjoys learning.


We couldn’t be happier with the decision to enroll our 3 year old son on APL school. We love the teachers and our son has developed so much in the last few months. He loves all the songs, art, math and games. He has learned how to write letters of the alphabet. Truly a great preschool!

McDonald Family

It is our belief that because of APL school, our son has grown exponentially in not only school academics, but in his character. The teachers are loving and supportive to the students and are fully accessible to parents/guardians. We never worry that our son is not in great hands when he is attending school. We know that this program is truly having a positive impact on our son, because he talks about APL school all of the time! Thank you APL school and teachers! You are all the stars to teach our children how to shine

Lisa and Ryan Wendt

We currently have our third child enrolled in the APL school and plan to send our fourth child when he is old enough. APL provides a loving environment where our children have grown both personally and academically. Our older children have both been very successful in elementary school and I contribute part of their success to a great beginning at APL school. The teachers are amazing and help each child to grow individually while providing superior care. We love APL School.

Hochevar Family

Our daughter absolutely loves attending APL School. The teachers do an extraordinary job with the children as well as the lesson plans. Our daughter has found so much joy and fun in learning. Thanks to the APPLE School, our daughter will be fully prepared for kindergarten. My husband and I feel APL Franklin has exceeded our expectation. Thank you Mrs. Balsis and Mrs. Kastner for doing an amazing job. We can’t wait to send our youngest daughter to APL Franklin very soon!

The Musas’

Since enrolling our son in APL, he has learned how to correctly identify all letters, numbers, shapes and colors. There has been a noticeable difference when interacting with other children. He shares better, takes turns, and cleans up after himself. APL had benefitted his education immensely and has prepared him to enter kindergarten confidently.


My daughter started APL in November 2018 when she was 2 years 10 months and we have had nothing but positive experiences from it. She loves her teachers and they do many fun activities. She enjoys going to school every day.



The growth that we have seen in our twins over the school year has been incredible! We absolutely adore our teachers. Mrs. Balsis and Ms. Kastner. The personalized care and attention to each child cannot be beat. The curriculum has been absolutely phenomenal and the class trips are adorable and so much fun! We can’t wait to come back in 2022

Darren and Melissa Sullivan

Our family will always choose APL School! Leif (our son) is always happy to go on “school days” and his younger brother is always jealous, wanting to stay. Truly a warm and welcoming environment. I can see Leif’s confidence shing after nine months of attendance.

The Armstrongs

We are happy with the Academy Of Preschool Learning and have noticed the improvement in the educational level of our children. We see in them how they enjoy the time at APL. Thank you very much to everyone who has helped the success of APL


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